Joint Venture & Personal Mentoring

Partner Up With Our Private Mentoring Program

If someone told you they could turn your initial investment of a couple thousand dollars into tens of thousands of dollars, would you do it?  What if they said they’d even mentor you to make sure you didn’t make any novice mistakes?

That’s the idea behind Keyhole Academy’s Private-Mentoring Program.

After completing our best-selling course, The Business of Investing in Distressed Second Mortgages, some students weren’t ready to start investing by themselves and needed a little more guidance and hand-holding.

With our Private Mentoring Program, every phone call we make, every form filled outevery strategy decided, we do it together, as a team! The idea is to create and nourish a cooperative learning experience so our students can have the confidence to eventually start buying notes on their own.

Students commit to buying either three or five mortgage notes, splitting the profits with us 50/50. In return, the student gets their very own private mentor!

Here’s how our Private Mentoring Program works:

  • Each student is responsible for buying the loans. (whether from us or someone else)
  • The student & mentor work together to research, negotiate and buy the loans as well as on an on-going basis to manage the loans.
  • The Program lasts five-years. (normal break-even is about 3 years)
  • All profits are split 50/50.

For more information on how you can participate in one of our Private Mentoring Programs, contact us at