Z-Distressed First & Second Mortgage Note Analysis

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The success of buying notes
begins and ends
with the price you pay!

 Hedge your bet with the
ease and power
of Evaluenote!

Evaluenote is an online program developed to meet an ever-growing demand for a simpler, faster, and more effective method of analyzing distressed first and second mortgage notes.

It combines computing power with analytic logic to give buyers rapid note scoring and bid offer pricing based on current market conditions.
Whether you’re a seasoned investor or weekend warrior, Evaluenote will save you time and money!
Evaluenote assures you the confidence in your selection of both first and second notes based on your preferences of:
      >  States
      >  UPB
      >  Payment Status
      >  LTV & CLTV Ratios
      >  Fair Market Value
>  Foreclosure Times
>  Bankruptcy Status
>  Foreclosure Status
>  No. of Years in Home
>  Current Market Conditions



  • Faster way to eliminate loans not meeting their personal criteria

  • Scoring system that ranks loans based on over 8 unique classifications

  • Bid offer pricing based on rankings and market conditions




  • Quickly analyze your list before sending them out to buyers

  • Enhance and update your list with Evaluenote’s Impact Services

  • Easily keep track of which buyers have put in bids and who has the highest offer



[us_testimonial style=”3″ author=”Mark Adair” company=”California”]I’m a fairly new investor and have always had problems working with Excel. Working with Evaluenote has made life much easier. It does all the hard work for me and I don’t have to know Excel.[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial style=”3″ author=”Stacy Markowitz” company=”Arizona”]I’ve been a note investor for 3 years and have worked hard to develop my own system of evaluating notes. Evaluenote does everything I do (and more), but a heck of a lot faster![/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial style=”3″ author=”Daniel Richman” company=”New York”]It used to take me a few hours of researching when I received a tape from a seller. Now, I can look at a tape and within 15 minutes know which loans I want and how much I should pay for them.[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial style=”3″ author=”Doug Shepard” company=”Illinois”]If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s spending so much time getting all my formulas and tables together in Excel. Then I have to spend time getting home values. With Evaluenote, it takes me less than 20 minutes to analyze a pool of loans.[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial style=”3″ author=”Joann Conway” company=”Oregon”]I love the fact that after I choose the loans I want and make an offer, Evaluenote provides me with a complete analysis on those loans and what type of returns I could achieve.[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial style=”3″ author=”Wendy Famolian” company=”Massachussets”]I’m a seller and have used Evaluenote to sell my loans. It’s such a comfort to have the system keep track of which buyer has responded and who has the highest bid.[/us_testimonial]


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How do I integrate my Excel file with Evaluenote?

Our program has an import function to import your loans once you format your Excel file into a .CSV file and map your excel files to Evaluenote.

How do I know what pricing to set in the Score Range/Bid Offer Settings box?

One of the best ways of knowing what prices you should set up is by just asking the seller what their expectations are with these loans.  Most sellers will give you some indication of the pricing they’re expecting. Also, the more you look at loans, the more you’ll get a rough idea.

What if the seller doesn't provide me with property values?

No problem.  Evaluenote has created our own Internet Value Opinion (IVO) that goes out to the internet and brings in a property value for each loan.  Even if the seller has provided you with a property value, the IVO is a great tool to compare the two valuations.You may opt to take the highest of the two, the lowest of the two or an average of both of them.

Which pricing plan is best for me?

It all depends how many tapes you expect to receive from sellers. If you think you’ll see multiple tapes with volumes higher than 40 records, the Unlimited Monthly Plan is right for you.  If you think you’ll just be working with small quantities and limited amount of tapes, try the Pay-As-You-Go Plan. Here, you’ll only be charged on a per file basis with a surcharge of any file with over 40 records. Above all, the best plan to select is the Unlimited Yearly Plan.  Pay the fee upfront and you save 15%.  The cool thing about Evaluenote is that it allows users to switch plans (with some restrictions).

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We’ve designed a complete course with videos and guides to help you better understand the power of Evaluenote.  
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