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Academics & Additional Support

We’ve broken down our education courses into easy-to-read chapters taking you through the investment process from start to finish. We also know that Investing in distressed mortgages involves understanding many concepts, procedures and regulations. That’s why we’ve supplemented our program with additional support features listed below.


You’ll learn the ins and outs of investing with our step-by-step method of teaching you how to:

  • Find banks and other financial sources where you can buy your notes.
  • Properly research and analyze notes during the due diligence process.
  • Negotiate the right way when buying loans.
  • Avoid costly mistakes when preparing Purchase and Sale Agreements.
  • Ensure you have all necessary documentation when receiving collateral materials.
  • Properly file your Assignments with the County.
  • Make initial contact with your borrowers and know what to say, and what not to say.
  • Make the most of the situation when dealing with Bankruptcies and Foreclosures.
  • Choose whether you should be servicing your loans vs outsourcing them to a servicer.
  • Manage your portfolio so you can make the highest returns.
  • Discover so much more…

Additional Support

  • Webinars – We’ll discuss hot topics, review course materials and answer questions sent in by students. A library of webinars is available to students.
  • Audio Tapes – Students can listen to an assortment of online audio tapes offering examples of telephone interactions with banks, borrowers, attorneys and county clerks.
  • Scripts – A variety of scripts are available giving students the actual dialogue to use when speaking with banks, county clerks or borrowers.
  • Videos – Online videos are available so students can review their Course Materials, Homework Assignments and Data Tapes.
  • Private Phone Consultations – For additional fees, students can book private phone consultations with our “Professors” to discuss anything from conceptual questions, reviewing portfolios to finding new vendors.
  • Case Studies – New case studies will be be available on-going, giving students the opportunity to learn about actual scenarios and their outcomes.
  • Emails – Students will receive periodic emails containing industry news, quick servicing tips, industry leader highlights and much more.
  • Student Forum – Students will have the opportunity to post questions, comments and recommendations on our Student Forum Bulletin Board.
  • Continuing Education Programs – On-going education programs such as Seminars, Advanced Courses and Workshops will be available for students.
  • Guest Speakers – Various guest speakers will be interviewed and their responses available to our students.