The Art of Investing in Distressed Mortgages

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Amazon’s #1 Best Seller
The Art of Investing in Distressed Second Mortgages
Part Art. Part Science. Part Intuition.

Sherman Arnowitz has managed to take this fairly complex subject and turn it into a step-by-step guide for investors interested in learning about this largely unknown investment opportunity. The book provides specific details about what it takes to start investing in non-performing mortgages; what kinds of loans to buy; and how to best manage those loans. Sherman’s able to take his 19+ years’ experience and map out from start to finish what it takes to be a successful junior lien note investor.

This book will give you the basic idea of what its like to invest in seconds.  The on-line courses Keyhole Academy offers takes the investor thru the process of becoming a professional junior lien investor.

“The Art of Investing in Distressed Second Mortgages” is available in both Paperback and Kindle editions.