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Sherman Arnowitz
President & Founder
Keyhole Academy
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Note Investing Starts Here

Keyhole Academy is the education source for mortgage investing; offering comprehensive on-line courses, for the newbie, as well as seasoned note investor.

Find out why so many people are signing up to learn about this incredible well-kept opportunity.

  • Make money without ever going to an office
  • Generate returns over 20% with just a computer and phone
  • Low investment needed to get started
  • Part-time or career-changing
  • Supplemental or full-time income
  • Minimal amount of time needed to manage notes
  • Create your own investment future

Study with a Cutting-Edge Digital Classroom

Access Keyhole Academy’s Learning Center from your computer, smartphone, or tablet and study online when it’s convenient for you. Our System syncs across devices, so you can sign in from anywhere at any time to study at your own pace.

Learn from a wide variety of teaching styles – text, audio, videos, webinars, group discussions, and written assignments.

Get Real World Business Training

Keyhole Academy is the only education program that takes you through all the various processes of how to find loans, perform proper due diligence, file the proper paper work, negotiate work-outs with borrowers, manage your portfolio and so much more.

Keyhole Academy teaches you how to launch your own note investing business with real-world business training. Receive all the materials you need to start investing in the world of distressed second mortgage notes.

Get an education that will empower you to transform your life and launch a fulfilling and financially rewarding new career.

Give Us Ten Minutes!

Give us ten minutes of your time and we know you’ll be convinced that investing in distressed second mortgages
is an excellent financial opportunity that you can do anywhere with a computer and phone with a limited amount of funds.


Banks are in the business of lending money to qualified, solid borrowers. When they come across borrowers who can’t pay their monthly mortgage, they have a decision to make. They can continue trying to get the borrowers to pay, foreclose on the property or, they can sell these loans to mortgage note investors at substantial discounts.

Most banks prefer the latter choice of selling off these non-performing notes to qualified note investors. They get to write off a portion of the loans and get them off their books.

Because of their decision to sell these loans, banks literally created a whole new industry for note investors!

Imagine buying these second mortgage notes for pennies on the dollar. Now imagine working with the borrowers to keep them in their homes, while earning a hefty return on your investment somewhere between 20 – 30%.


Many factors go into deciding whether to invest in first or second mortgages. Two of the biggest ones are how much money you have to invest and what is your risk-tolerance?

Here are some of the important factors of why we love seconds:

  • You can start investing with as little as $15,000. Expect to pay between $.10 to $.40 on the dollar.
  • The note is secured by the collateral of the property (just like a first mortgage), but is in second position.
  • A slightly riskier investment, but with higher returns.
  • Because of the lower purchase price, there are many options for keeping the borrower in their home and starting to pay.
  • You can buy notes anywhere in the country and don’t need to live nearby.

Here’s What You Can Expect With Our Courses

[us_iconbox size=”48px” title=”Learn from Our Expertise” type=”icon_top” link_url=”/wp/Astra/features/” link_text=”Learn More”]Our courses incorporate over 19+ years
of experience and knowledge.[/us_iconbox][us_separator]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|info” size=”48px” title=”Comprehensive Substance” type=”icon_top” link_url=”/wp/Astra/features/” link_text=”Learn More”]Our courses give you the confidence and in-depth information to start investing right away.[/us_iconbox][us_separator]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|forward” size=”48px” title=”Go At Your Own Pace” type=”icon_top” link_url=”/wp/Astra/features/” link_text=”Learn More”]Access our courses anytime from anywhere.
Choose your own pace to learn.[/us_iconbox][us_separator]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|desktop” size=”48px” title=”Have It Your Way” type=”icon_top” link_url=”/wp/Astra/features/” link_text=”Learn More”]All our courses offer audio, video and text options. Use them interchangeably.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|dollar-sign” size=”48px” title=”Earn while you Learn” type=”icon_top” link_url=”/wp/Astra/features/” link_text=”Learn More”]Note pools for purchase are available to
our students on a regular basis.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”far|handshake” size=”48px” title=”Private Mentoring” type=”icon_top” link_url=”/wp/Astra/features/” link_text=”Learn More”]We offer several Joint Venture private programs.
Learn from the best![/us_iconbox]

Academics & Additional Support

We’ve broken down our education courses into easy-to-read chapters taking you through the investment process from start to finish. We also know that Investing in distressed mortgages involves understanding many concepts, procedures and regulations. That’s why we’ve supplemented our program with additional support features listed below.


  • Private Consultation – After completing the course, The Business of Investing in Distressed Second Mortgages, you get a One Hour Private Consultation with Sherman Arnowitz.  Here, you’ll be able to ask questions and discuss items in detail.
  • Tutorials – Both video and audio tutorials are available for you to review.
  • Quizzes & Exams – There are quizzes at the end of each chapter and a Final Exam at the end of the course.
  • Homework – Ongoing homework assignments and practice sessions will be emailed to you.
  • Monthly Webinars – We’ll discuss hot topics, review course materials and answer questions sent in by students. A library of webinars is available to students.
  • Emails – Students will receive periodic emails containing industry news, quick servicing tips, industry leader highlights and much more.
  • Network Opportunities – We’ll make introductions to other students and vendors in the industry.


  • Private Phone Consultations – For additional fees, students can book private phone consultations with our “Professors” to discuss anything from conceptual questions, reviewing portfolios to finding new vendors.
  • Case Studies – New case studies will be be available on-going, giving students the opportunity to learn about actual scenarios and their outcomes.
  • Continuing Education Programs – On-going education programs such as Seminars, Advanced Courses and Workshops will be available for students.
  • Guest Speakers – Various guest speakers will be interviewed and their responses available to our students.

Student Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it.  See what our students have to say.

I signed up for the course, The Business of Investing in Second Mortgages. It’s a great course with an enormous amount of content that focuses on the practical side of the business. I never knew there was so much detail that went into the due diligence process. I’m very glad I made the decision to invest in this course and am now ready to invest in second mortgages.
STEVE HOLLAND, AUSTIN, TX[us_separator size=”custom” height=”32px”]I especially like my one-on-one phone conversations with my professor. It gives me a chance to ask questions specific to my area of focus. I’ve also met a lot of great people through this program and have networked on some deals with them.
MICHELLE RYDER, CHICAGO, IL[us_separator size=”custom” height=”32px”]

As a student of Keyhole Academy, I find that I’m more careful and have more confidence in my selection of notes. After my experience with Keyhole Academy, I’m able to analyze notes quicker and with more confidence.
KATHLEEN NGUYEN, POWAY, CA[us_separator size=”custom” height=”32px”]The Keyhole Academy course is a great resource. I found it easy to follow, with very detailed, step-by-step information on how to buy, work and modify mortgage notes. I picked up some great tips. Also, the Excel exercises were very well done. For anyone starting out in the business, your learning curve will be greatly reduced by taking their course.
LISA LEMIRE, PHILADEPHIA, PA[us_separator height=”100px” size=”custom”]

Keyhole Academy provided me with a detailed and practical guide to starting in the non-performing second notes business. They provided interactive quizzes and videos that helped ensure that I understood the course material.
SANDOR LAU, EUGENE, OR[us_separator size=”custom” height=”32px”]I always realized the huge potential for investing in notes. But, what I didn’t completely understand was how to find or evaluate notes. The Keyhole Academy education program taught me everything I needed to know to start investing in notes. I would have never gotten started if it wasn’t for them.
ARTHUR BOTTING, LOS ANGELES, CA[us_separator height=”100px” size=”custom”]